The Baltimore Ravens – Pittsburgh Steelers game moved to Tuesday; The Ravens-Dallas Cowboys game moved to Dec. 7

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Baltimore, the NFL postponed the Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers for the second time.

The Ravens are now playing the undefeated Steelers on Tuesday night at 8 p.m., the NFL announced.

He was scheduled to play Baltimore on Thursday night as the host of the Dallas Cowboys, but this game was also relocated on Monday, December 7 at 5 p.m.

This is the third time in the Super Bowl era that they have played an NFL game on Tuesday. It happened in the 5th week of the season when the Bills-Titans game was postponed due to an outbreak of the coronavirus in Tennessee. It also happened in 2010 when a blizzard in Philadelphia shifted away from an Eagles-Vikings game.

The Ravens and Steelers originally played on Thanksgiving night. The NFL postponed the match to Sunday after several Ravens players gave a positive result in consecutive days.

At least 12 Ravens players tested positive for COVID-19, including NFL MVP regulator Lamar Jackson. With Jackson being quarantined for 10 days, Robert Griffin III will start against Pittsburgh. This is the second start in the last four years.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh told his players on Thursday they could return to the team’s facility by Monday at the earliest due to safety concerns, a source said.

The Ravens had only a two-day passage this week. Baltimore has been confining itself to virtual meetings since its team closed at noon on Tuesday.

The Steelers canceled the practice on Friday as they awaited clarification from the NFL. Coach Mike Tomlin also canceled Thursday’s training, but the team is expected to practice on Saturday. The Steelers were last on the field together on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time the Steelers have been dealing with a shift schedule this season. In Week 4, the Steelers-Titans game was originally postponed from Sunday to “Monday or Tuesday” for that week as the Titans fought their own COVID-19 epidemic. The tournament eventually pushed the match back even further, rearranging the Steelers and Titans into Week 7 and the Steelers facing Ravens in Week 8. With the mixing, the Steelers farewell moved from Week 8 to Week 4.

ESPN Brooke Pryor contributed to the report.