The best Black Friday video game deals for Switch, Xbox, PS4

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Black Friday 2020 is already in full swing and great savings can be made on Nintendo Switch video games, Xbox one obsession PS4. Many are no longer in stock (although they may return), but there are still some good titles to help you ignore your family and friends this holiday season. Check back because we will be updating this list in the coming days as inventory levels fluctuate.

And if you want to buy the latest Xbox Series X or later PlayStation 5 consoles, you may want to check our standby mode to check your inventory:

And if you’re lucky enough to get one of the Holy Grail consoles mentioned above, keep in mind that PS4 games will play on PS5, and Xbox One titles will work with Series X (but not because of the S series. Due to lack of media drive) .


Web-sling action for PS4.

Be the man-eating shark you always knew you could be.

It fights, but with more spinal cord on the outside of the body.

The latest in man-kick-ball simulation.

Win your arguments with swords and punches this way to ancient Sparta.


Zombies and engines? Sign up.

Perhaps the best simulation of horse testicles the world of video games has ever seen.


A Mario vs. Rabbids was a turn-based strategic success that no one expected. It’s a few years old, but as Nintendo fans know, $ 15 for every game is pretty much, even years later.


Fun and creative Splatoon 2 is an even bigger explosion on the Switch. Like the other discounts, you can only get it for $ 30. See an overview of GameSpot Splatoon 2.

Screenshot of Nintendo / Sean Keane / CNET

If you like classic Mario but want to get more creative, this game will help you create your own platform world. You can also join online and play the creations of thousands of other players.