The Biden administration is increasing vaccination coverage for states, community health centers

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration will increase the supply of Covid-19 vaccines delivered to states by 5 percent next week and begin delivering doses directly to low-income community health centers.

Since President Joe Biden took office, the number of rations sent to states has increased by 28 percent to 11 million rations a week as Pfizer and Moderna accelerate production, White House Covid-19 coordinator Jeffrey Zients said.

“Manufacturers are doing a good job and the president and team are doing their best to support production,” Zients said. The Biden administration announced last week that it will use the Defense Production Act to procure additional equipment for Pfizer to further increase production.

In addition to rations sent to state governments, federal officials are beginning to deliver 1 million vaccines directly to 250 community health centers serving hard-to-reach groups such as the homeless, migrant workers and state residents, said Marcella Nunez-Smith, who shares in Biden Covid-19. leads its working group.

“Capital is our North Star here,” he said. “This effort, which focuses on direct benefits to community health centers, is actually about reaching out to the hard-to-reach population across the country.”

Those with colored skin are vaccinated cheaper than whites, according to state and federal data. Biden administration officials attributed this to a number of barriers, such as less access to health care in minority communities.

As of February 4, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control reported that 32 million first doses had been given and more than 9 million people had been fully vaccinated.