The Biden team denies claiming a minor exemption

Joe Biden’s ad hoc team on Monday denied that the president’s advisers had prompted democratic congressional leaders to agree on a smaller coronavirus stimulus package to make it even easier now.

In public speeches, the former vice president has repeatedly supported California House President Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (DNY) in approving support legislation costing at least $ 2.2 trillion. However, according to a report in the New York Times on Monday, Biden’s team urged Democrats to reach an agreement with Republicans as soon as possible to curb the growing economic damage from the outbreak, even if it means cutting the desired price tag.

Biden spokesman Andrew Bates called the report “flawed.” In a statement to NBC News, he said the president-elect “fully supports the president and leader in their negotiations.”

Leaders of the House of Democrats and the GOP-controlled Senate have not held formal incentive talks since the November 3 elections. Both sides have created no space for Republicans to demand about $ 500 billion in spending – far less than Democrats want.

Congress has not approved new aid for months because the parties have fundamentally different views on what they need for the economy and health system to recover from a pandemic. Republicans have promoted the U.S. economic recovery in recent months, although progress appears to be a blow as states and cities impose restrictions to curb the rapidly growing number of infections.

The prospect of many Americans holding their usual Thanksgiving ceremony when the virus floods hospitals has sparked even more fear among public health officials.

Last month, Democrats passed a $ 2.2 trillion incentive bill that included $ 600 a week in unemployment contributions, $ 1,200 in direct payments to the majority of Americans, more than $ 400 billion in state and local government aid, and another paycheck protection program for small business loans. round. While a $ 500 billion plan that the Senate GOP tried to hand over last month included PPP funding, it offered a smaller weekly $ 300 unemployment benefit and did not include a second incentive check.

Congress will not return until next week for its Thanksgiving break. Leaders will then occupy themselves with passing the government funding law by the December 11 deadline.

Lawmakers will face a challenge before reaching an incentive compromise before Biden takes office on January 20th.

Even then, it can prove to be a difficult task. While Democrats will keep the house next year, Georgia’s two January election elections will determine whether Republicans retain Senate control.

After elected Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris met with Pelosi and Schumer on Friday, Democrats said, “Before Biden takes office,” they agreed that Congress should adopt a bipartisan emergency aid package at the lame duck meeting, “the meeting said.

They said that “this package should include resources to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, facilitate working families and small businesses, support state and local governments trying to hire front-line workers, expanded unemployment insurance and affordable millions. health care for families. “

Pelosi and Schumer urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) to resume talks on the incentive plan. The Supreme Senate Republican has repeatedly said Democrats have adopted policies that are not necessary to overcome the crisis.

Many of the economic aid provisions implemented by the federal government earlier this year expire at the end of December. These include a measure that will allow many Americans to become eligible for unemployment insurance for an extended period of time, as well as relief for student loan lenders and renters.

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