The Biden transition adds new members to the coronavirus workgroup

President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden widens vote gap over Trump after Milwaukee County Krebs said foreign intervention claims the 2020 election’s “wolf” new DOJ rule could allow executions by electric shock, MORE firing squad announced on Saturday that it will add three new members to its interim group’s coronavirus task force as the incoming administration focuses on preparing to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The switch statement said Jane Hopkins, Jill Jim and David Michaels would join the team, co-chaired by former surgeon David Kessler Murthy VivekThe team of Vivek Hallegere MurthyBiden starts the COVID-19 briefings. Five House Democrats Who Can Join Biden’s Cabinet Fauci says he didn’t talk to Biden: He doesn’t want to “put more” in a compromised position “ and Marcella Nunez-Smith. The task of the working group is to assist Biden, the elected vice-president Kamala HarrisKamala Harris Kamala Harris calls on the Thanksgiving nurse to express her gratitude in the fight against the COVID-19 Trump campaign. The campaign has lost its appeal in the Pennsylvania race Reminder: Biden is on the tough road to healing the nation and the transitional cobblestone “robust and aggressive response to curb the virus”.

“As COVID-19 accelerates across the country, I need a team to give me advice and a transition that offers a wide range of perspectives and perspectives. Ms. Hopkins, Dr. Jim, and Dr. Michaels reinforce the work of the panel and help ensure that our COVID-19 design addresses health inequalities and workforce inequalities. Biden said.

Hopkins, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, has worked as a bedside nurse for more than 20 years and has a long history of union work. This choice seems to reflect Biden’s emphasis on attracting workgroups. He also received the SEIU Washington State AFRAM Caucus Black Lives Matter Award.

Jim is the executive director of the Navajo Nation’s Department of Health and has worked for 18 years with nonprofits, state and federal agencies, and tribal government, largely focused on preventing chronic diseases and addressing inequalities between Native Americans and Alaskan natives.

Michaels is an epidemiologist and professor at the School of Public Health at the Milken Institute, George Washington University. He also served as labor secretary for occupational safety and health during the Obama administration.

The task force was first set up this month and took the lead during the Biden transition to develop a plan to address pandemic issues, including confirming tests, monitoring contacts and distributing a potential vaccine.

The team’s additions to the COVID-19 cases close an alarming angle across the country. There have been more than 12.9 million confirmed cases in the United States since the outbreak began, and the number of cases is increasing by more than 100,000 per day.

Nearly 256,000 people died in the United States.