The Broncos allegedly tried to get the NFL to start a helping coach at the Quarterback

As soon as Kendall Hinton makes his first snaps on QB, he writes Broncos history.

Jack Silverstein’s nugget:

But before committing to Hinton, Denver wanted to step off the board for Sunday’s starting quarterback.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos wanted to sign Rob Calabrese – their offensive quality control coach – to play quarterback against the Saints on Sunday. Because if he had missed it, not all Denver QBs were eligible to play in Sunday’s game because of the COVID-19 protocols. However, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confused these plans, allowing Denver to lift practice squad Kendall Hinton to the quarterback.

Does a coach play quarterback? This concept sounds familiar:

What it is worth, the Broncos had other options:

But to be honest, some are less realistic than others:

The Broncos-Saints game starts shortly after 3 p.m. This gives them time to watch Willie Beamen, Lance Harbor, Jonathon Moxon, Shane Falco and Little Giants.