The Buccaneers play in a corner, but don’t break early, with the help of Dan Bailey

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The Buccaneers returned perfectly from the farewell week on Sunday, beating the Vikings and moving up 8-5 this season.

After the game, Bucs handed Shaquil Barrett’s rushing week, calling the farewell week “perfect timing,” given the team needed mental rest. This allowed them to “just focus and take care of the problems that need to be taken care of so that we don’t make the same mistakes as before.”

The defense didn’t seem great at all, and Barrett acknowledged that the “bend but don’t break” approach wasn’t ideal. However, he added that Minnesota’s inability to score points at a stage in the game when the Vikings overtook Tampa.

“I mean, tell the field kicker to appreciate him,” Barrett said of Dan Bailey, the Vikings kicker who had a total of four absences on Sunday.

Barrett laughed as he uttered it. Bailey, the Vikings and their fans certainly didn’t laugh at any point on Sunday.