The Capitol disorder was seen arrested in the Rotunda

The FBI said On Tuesday, they arrested a man who allegedly saw smoking in the Capitol Rotunda during the January 6 deadly riot.

The FBI complained that a witness submitted videos of Greg Rubenacker, a New York man who apparently smoked in the Rotunda during a violation of the Capitol. Officials say the videos were posted by Rubenacker on Snapchat.

In one clip, Rubenacker allegedly said, “Holy shit! This is history! We took the Capitol! In another segment, he allegedly said, “Smoke the Capitol, baby.” According to the complaint, Rubenacker seemed to be smoking marijuana cigarettes and using a steamer.

The story of Snapchat, which comes from Rubenacker’s account, showed that protesters outside the Capitol had the inscription “America is angry”.

“The witness stated [they] he had known Rubenacker for years and went to school with Rubenacker – read the FBI complaint. “Your co-worker also searched the New York automotive department and discovered a photo of a Greg Rubenacker driver’s license. When he presented the photo of the driver’s license, the witness stated that the photo depicts the same Greg Rubenacker [they] he knew and observed in the history of Snapchat. “

Rubenacker said he appeared in a video conference in U.S. District Court in central Islip (NY) on Tuesday CNBC. HE faces multiple allegations of abnormal conduct within the Capitol.

“It’s very frustrating,” Rubenacker said. – You’re tired of government corruption.

According to CNBC, his lawyer replied, “It’s not time to talk about the case.”

Rubenacker’s case was filed in DC federal court, the outlet noted, as were all cases against those accused of violent harassment.

The unrest is at the heart of the Senate’s previous accountability trial President TrumpDonald TrumpSchoen said Trump’s team will be “very well prepared” after the criticism. Iowa Republicans are trying to cut funding for schools under the 1619 project that it started on Tuesday. Trump the first president, who was twice charged, accused the House of inciting an uprising.