The captain of the Conception submarine was charged with 34 homicides

The Captain of the Conception, a submarine that caught fire on the shores of Santa Barbara and killed 34 people, was indicted by the Federal Grand Jury on Tuesday for killing sailors.

Jerry Boylan, 67, as the leader of the 2019 diving tour near the Channel Islands, was “responsible for the safety and security of the ship, crew and passengers,” the U.S. Los Angeles prosecutor’s office said. Angeles, which announced the charges.

Boylan, who lives in Santa Barbara, is expected to surrender to federal authorities later.

“Due to Captain Boylan’s alleged failure to comply with safety rules, a pleasant holiday dive trip became a hell of a nightmare when one of the passengers and crew was trapped in a fiery bunk room with no escape.” According to United States Attorney General Hanna.

According to the indictment, “through his misconduct, negligence and disregard for his duties” Boylan caused the deaths of 33 passengers and one member of the crew, the prosecution said in a statement.

Prosecutors singled out three offenses: lack of patrol; did not hold sufficient fire drills; and failure to properly train the crew.

The summary of safety protocol errors aboard the Concept reflects the findings of the National Traffic Safety Board that at the beginning of the year blamed the ship’s owner, Truth Aquatics, for not having effective oversight of the ship and not having a wandering sentry who spotted it earlier. the flame, saving lives.

The NTSB found that the fire started in the back of a central deck cabin where lithium-ion batteries were charged, but the agency could not tell whether the batteries, the ship’s electrical system, or an unattended fire source ignited the flame.

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