The case of AirPods Max is disgust and insult

Yesterday, Apple announced the long-rumored AirPods Max, the high-end in-ear headphone. The jury is still out on the boxes – you have to hear about them as if I believe it – but two things were immediately obvious to me. The first, the $ 550 price tag is silly. The second, the case of AirPods Max, is both disgust and insult.

In yesterday’s communication, I briefly addressed both issues. I always expected the AirPods Max to be expensive, maybe not this expensive, but it didn’t shock me too much. The AirPods Max case did it anyway. And since writing the article, I haven’t been able to stop them.

Let’s talk about it why.

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I’ve been using daily headphones for about 16 years, and each pair I use comes with a case that covers the whole thing. There’s a reason for this: you often have to carry the cans in some kind of pouch when you’re not using them. And as any person who has used a bag knows, there are often other things in that bag as well. This can range from large objects that can break up sensitive objects, such as headphones, to small particles that can get into delicate parts of sensitive objects, such as headphones.

The thing that covers your headphones is a tried and trusted way to avoid damage. I can’t believe I had to write this. And because Apple has taken a different path with the AirPods Max case.

Rather than providing something that adequately protects the technique, the company has chosen to provide technological underwear: a soft material that barely covers vital parts. Take a look at the AirPods Max case and imagine how it would work in a backpack:

apple airpods max smart case