The CDC is giving new guidance on “wearing a universal mask” in all activities outside the home

On Friday, during the COVID-19 epidemic, the CDC issued its strongest mask guideline to date, urging the wearing of a universal mask in all activities outside your home. The new recommendation comes at the end of a week, when the United States saw the deadliest day of the pandemic to date, with more than 3,100 people killed on Thursday alone.

“Convincing evidence now supports the benefits of cloth masks both in controlling the source (to protect others) and to a lesser extent, protection of the wearer“- the report states.

Other measures, including physical separation, avoidance of irrelevant or crowded interiors, postponement of the trip, and further testing and contact monitoring are also part of the strategy outlined in the report, which warns that “[t]the United States has entered a high-level transmission phase. “

The new guide lists “universal wearing of face masks” as the first recommendation to help stop the spread of the disease. He says that a mask should be worn for all indoor activities outside the individual’s home, as well as for all outdoor activities where social distance of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained.

He also recommends wearing a mask in your own household if someone living there tests positive for the virus or is potentially exposed.

According to the CDC, masks are essential because about 50% of the spread of the coronavirus comes from people who show no symptoms. The report states that “colder weather, more time spent indoors, the ongoing U.S. holiday season, and the quiet spread of disease” are all factors that virus explosion nationwide.

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Another update from the CDC found that masks help protects man next to other people. CDC director Robert Redfield said there could be masks the most effective tool for the fight against the epidemic, even cheaper.

Even when the US sees the record rise In COVID-19 cases, wearing a mask after nine months of the epidemic remains a divisive issue. Some governors, who initially opposed the mask mandates, issued them in November when hospitals were almost full, while others, including Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, they still refuse demand a mask or punish people who don’t wear them.

The latest CDC report recommends that state and local leaders “issue policies or guidelines that make the use of face masks mandatory in indoor (non-domestic) environments”.