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The death of Scottish rape suspect in California may be false

The Northern California authorities say that a Scottish man who has come home for rape may have made his death on the Carmel coast last week.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that divers and helicopters had been looking for Kim Gordon's son, 911, who was 17 years old after three days, who reported that his father had disappeared after February 25, after migrating after a night swim Monterey's treacherous water.

According to Captain John Thornburg, Sheriff of Monterey County, searchers did not find any traces of Gordon on the monastery beach, sometimes due to the "Mortuary Beach" fatal reputation. Thornburg said suspects of suspects were suspected because his son's report was not decisive, including where exactly Gordon was swimming. Furthermore, his son could not properly explain whether he and his father traveled to California on the central shore after traveling from Scotland to Los Angeles.

According to Thornburgh, it was discovered late last week that Gordon, from the Edinburgh area, wanted 24 rape in Scotland. Her son has since returned home and did not commit any crime.

The United States Marshals Service helps you find Gordon.


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