The doctor said Biden twitched as he played with his dog

Journalists describing the elected president did not have the opportunity to see Biden enter the doctor’s office, despite repeated requests. Leaving the doctor’s office to head to an imaging center for his CT scan, Biden was visibly limping, though he was walking without a crutch or other aid.

Biden was still being examined more than two hours after he arrived at the office on Sunday afternoon.

Biden was injured by Major, one of Bidens’ two dogs. They adopted Major in 2018 and acquired their first dog, Champot, after the 2008 election. Bidens said they are taking their dogs to the White House and also planning a cat.

At the age of 78, Biden will be the oldest president when he inaugurates in January, but has often dismissed age issues on the campaign trail. In December, he issued a medical report saying he was taking statins to keep his cholesterol levels healthy, but his doctor considered him “healthy, vigorous” and “fit to perform his presidency successfully”.