The DOJ is filing an appeal in a lawsuit against President Trump against E. Jean Carroll

The Ministry of Justice is turning to District 2.

The DOJ argued that President Trump had allegedly slanderously denied Carroll’s rape allegations while acting in his official capacity as president.

“The president of the United States is not an ’employee of the government’ under the relevant statutes,” Judge Kaplan wrote in a decision last month. “Even if he were such an ’employee,’ President Trump’s allegedly defamatory allegations against Ms. Carroll would not have been within his scope.”

“We are not at all surprised that the current Department of Justice, which submitted a motion at the request of the White House to intervene in the case of E Jean Carroll, is appealing against Judge Kaplan’s decision. From the beginning of this case, Donald Trump’s number has been one of it was the cause of the delay. It remains to be seen whether the new attorney general will agree to act within Trump’s presidency when he slandered our client. In any case, we are confident that Round A will confirm the District Court’s comprehensive and well-founded opinion. ” Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, who has no connection to Judge Kaplan, told ABC News.

The Ministry of Justice is turning to District 2.

Carroll sued Trump in 2019, accusing him of defaming him for refusing to.

In the mid-1990s, Carroll said he and Trump were in the lingerie department, where the complaint said Trump insisted on trying on a body. Carroll claimed that what he first thought was a playful joke was a dark turn when Trump closed a locker door, pushed it against the wall, and began kissing without his consent. Then he claimed to have pressed her against the wall once more, pulled off her pantyhose, and raped her violently for a few minutes until she managed to push and escape the business.