The driver survived the 70-meter crash at the Wisconsin junction

MILWAUKEE (AP) – A driver survived when his van crashed about 21 feet from the exit of a slippery junction in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Department of Transportation camera recorded the accident in the Milwaukee area. The video shows the pick-up colliding with snow on his right shoulder before turning over the barrier wall and crashing past the cars toward the 94 interstate.

When the deputies arrived, they found the pick-up straight at the right shoulder of the I-94 lane to the west, the sheriff’s office said. Two people had already tried to help the driver, who was breathing consciously.

The man was taken to hospital for evaluation, sheriff officials said.

A highway official said the crew was working to clear the snow on their shoulders as quickly as possible to avoid collisions.

“The biggest risk of thawing and freezing is creating a kind of ramp, a natural ramp,” Eddie Santiago, director of Milwaukee County Highways and Maintenance, told WISN-TV..

Santiago said that after plowing, snow plows will switch to clearing bridges and overpasses due to potential danger.