The driver survives after the truck fell off a highway driveway in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin van driver survived the 70-meter fall of the exit ramp bridge near Milwaukee last weekend, knowingly and without “signs of damage.”

The incident took place on Saturday morning at approx. It happened at 9:49.

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A startling video shot from a Wisconsin Department of Transportation camera shows the moment the man lost control of I-94 to the west, just east of I-94 at the zoo junction.

The red van set off from east to south he slid off the ramp, hit a snow on his right shoulder, and overturned the barrier wall.

The vehicle appears to turn during a fall and land straight on the I-94 in the right-hand emergency lane.

In response, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office closed ramps from I-43 north to I-94 west and I-43 north to I-794 as the authorities responded to the scene.

“When MPs arrived, the red pickup was found straight in the right-hand emergency lane of West I-94. There were two citizens on the scene who were assisting the lone passenger,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a Saturday tweet later. “The driver was unconscious, breathing, and showed no signs of damage.”

The Milwaukee Fire Department also responded to the scene and transported the driver to a local hospital.

Eddie Santiago, director of Milwaukee County Highways and Maintenance, told WISN 12 on Monday that freezing melted snow would create a “natural ramp.”


The county has since cleared part of the snow cover on the side of the ramp, writes FOX 6.

Wisconsin, like much of the Midwest, has been hit by heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures in recent weeks, creating dangerous travel conditions.