The “extremely impressive” winter storm hit the northeast

Hó, ho, ho!

The Northeast needs to be prepared for the “extremely impressive” winter storm starting Wednesday – the weather wall that can carry enough dust to last long enough until a white Christmas, according to Accuweather.

As the massive storm that strikes the west coast moves east, it is responsible for 6 to 10-inch snowfall from Virginia to New York and possibly southern New England.

“It’s going to be soft-snow,” Accuweather weather meteorologist Tom Kines told The Post on Sunday.

“There’s certainly a chance that a lot of that kind of snow could stay until Christmas, which obviously makes it easier for Santa,” he said.

Depending on the route of the storm, there is a chance that areas like Washington, DC, southern New Jersey and Long Island will get a mixture of cloudy rain, snow and ice.

But even outside of these regions, no one can expect an idyllic winter wonderland, Kines said.

“The downside is that the wind blows,” said Kines, who warned that strong gusts of up to 30 km / h would cause the snow to swirl, reducing visibility and creating snow-blowing conditions.

The storm is expected to arrive on Wednesday and continue overnight while keeping people inside and on the roads.

“We expect the snow to arrive in the afternoon, so Wednesday night commuting will be a problem,” Kines said.

According to the weather expert, the roads are unlikely to be cleared for the time of Thursday morning commuting either – which could mean that schools with personal lessons are “most likely” closed.

The weekly weather drama kicks off on Monday, with a fast-paced storm that brings with it brisk tempos.

The New York City Department of Sewage on Sunday released “winter operations advice” for the start of the work week.

“Our snow removal equipment is ready for the winter weather on our way” the agency tweeted.

Kines explained, “What’s up [first] The storm may bring cooler air behind it, setting the stage for a resting week.

Kines said the winter mix this week means people need to be strategically included in holiday shopping plans.

“People who planned to shop this week – the best are Tuesday and Friday,” he said.