The fatal car accident as part of a visit to Pence holds Republican campaigns in Georgia

Harrison Deal, a family friend of Georgian Governor Brian Kemp, who worked as an assistant to Georgian Senator Kelly Loeffler and an intern for Georgian Senator David Perdue, crashed several vehicles on Friday. Deal was 20 years old.

Deal, a junior at the University of Georgia in Athens, worked as a field associate in Loeffler’s campaign. Loeffler and Kemp are expected to appear at a Republican campaign event on Friday alongside Vice President Mike Pence. Loeffler and Kemp resigned after Deal’s death.

“Harrison was a beloved member of our campaign team,” Loeffler said in a statement Friday. “More importantly, Harrison was a smart, bright, loving, loyal, and outstanding young man. Harrison embodied the best of this campaign – and the best of our state.”

The family of Brian Kemp, the governor of the state of Georgia, described the Deal as “the son and brother of Kemp we never had.”

Loeffler’s opponent in the January special election, Rev. Raphael Warnock, tweeted his condolences.

“I pray for Harrison Deal, who is a young fellow in the @ KLoeffler campaign, and for his family, friends, co-workers and all those who mourn his loss, and I ask the Georgians to join me in expressing their condolences to their loved ones,” Warnock wrote.

Allegations of fraud during Georgia’s November elections put the state’s special senate elections under intense scrutiny. If Loeffler and his partner, Republican Perdue, lose the election, Democrats may be able to gain control of the U.S. Senate. At Friday’s demonstration, Vice President Pence assured Georgian Republicans that the polls would be “safe.”

“We’re on them this time,” Pence told the crowd at the event. “We’re watching. We’re securing our polls. We’re securing the box. So get a missing ballot and vote and vote today.”

harrison shop and brian kemp
Harrison Deal (left), with Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia, died in a car accident on Friday.

Warnock and Loeffler are expected to fight for a vacated Senate seat due to Senator Johnny Isakson’s retirement in 2019. Loeffler’s campaign tried to paint Warnock to advance the “radical” agenda. In response, Warnock’s campaign alleged that Loeffler violated ethical laws by directing viewers of an interview at the Capitol to a website where they could contribute to his campaign.

Loeffler and Warnock are expected to take part in a television policy debate on Sunday. Newsweek commented on Loeffler’s office.

Republican Senator Perdue will face Democrat Jon Ossoff in January. A special election between Perdue and Ossoff was announced after none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the referendum.

Perdue rejected the Ossoff debate in the days before the run. In a November statement, Perdue’s campaign manager, Ben Fry, said Perdue plans to “get our message across what’s at stake if Democrats have full control of Congress directly to the people.”