The Florida man loses his pants, his boxers in the wild Wawa fight

This fight was everything but shorts.

The hanging drawer pugilist didn’t let the loss of his pants prevent him from wrestling with his opponent during a minute-long, gas-powered gas station brawl.

Video made in a Wawa – where else? “Florida shows the boxer in bed, sneaking around his ankles in his pants, wailing his rival in a reflective vest.

A video posted on the Internet on Monday records that a man in a safety vest repeatedly hit another man lying on the floor with his pants on his thighs.

“Gentlemen, please, gentlemen,” we can hear an employee.

– Bro, put on your pants, fam! the cheeky cameramen say. – A-ki … I just want my sandwich. … Wawa, 2 a.m.

The brawl continues for so long that the man filming the case convinces the fighters to pause the fight to pay for something on the record.


It was not clear what triggered the fight.

The shirtless man finally pulls on his pants and sneaks out of the convenience store, video shows.