The former assistant accuses the Cuomo of sexual harassment

Former assistant to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Sunday accused him of sexual harassment, claiming that the governor often discusses his physical appearance over the years.

“I could never foresee what I could expect: whether they were grilling for my work (which was very good) or whether they were harassed by my appearance,” – Lindsey Boylan, former assistant wrote on Twitter. “Or are they both in the same conversation?”

Ms. Boylan declined further comments. So far, he has not disputed specific allegations, nor has he given immediate confirmation.

“There is simply no truth to these allegations,” the governor’s press secretary, Caitlin Girouard, said Sunday.

Ms. Boylan explained on Twitter her policy of not asking journalists about the topic.

“I don’t care to talk to journalists” he wrote. “I’m talking about validating the experiences of countless women and stopping the abuse. My worst fear is that this will continue.

“And like @FKAtwigs he said yesterday, my second worst fear is that I have to talk about this and have to go through it, ”she said, referring to the musician who sued a former friend, actor Shia LaBeouf, on Friday, claiming she had been physically and emotionally abused.

Ms. Boylan recently launched a campaign for the president of the Manhattan District after making an unsuccessful offer to seat MP Jerrold Nadler on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Before heading to Congress, Ms. Boylan, 36, worked as LinkedIn’s Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Adviser to the Governor.

He was a frequent critic of Mr. Cuomo and has long referred to social media tensions over the governor’s office. In 2019, Boylan, whose daughter was 5 years old at the time, Tangled with his former cathedral assistant, Jim Malatras, about the extent to which the office welcomed working parents.

Earlier this month, Ms. Boylan described her experience with her work at Mr. Cuomo on another Twitter topic. “Too toxic” and “Infinitely frustrating.”

And on Saturday, after the Associated Press reported that President-elect Joe Biden was considering the Attorney General’s Governor, Ms. Boylan begged Mr. Biden to review it.

“There are fewer things more frightening than giving even more control to this man without ethics,” he said. said On Twitter. – I saw how he lived with power for years. He takes advantage of people, including me. I hope so@JoeBiden&@KamalaHarrisDo not do this.

Following a national accountability triggered by the #MeToo movement, Mr. Cuomo, a third-cycle Democrat, signed a number of measures in 2018 to combat sexual harassment, including prescribing training standards for sexual harassment in state workplaces.

Mr Cuomo also supported other recent measures to combat harassment, including extending the limitation period for such claims.

But the governor’s attitude to the issue sometimes seemed embarrassing. In late 2017, Cuomo had a sister exchange with the Capitol’s long-time journalist, Karen DeWitt, after asking a question about the state government’s response to sexual harassment. Another former government employee accused Governor Sam Hoyt, a former aide, of sexual harassment and abuse.

“When you claim that this is the state government, you are doing respectfully badly to women, even though you are a woman,” Governor DeWitt told before he clarified that the conversation over the issue should be broader. discussed.

“It’s not a government, it’s a society,” he said. “There’s not just one person in an area.”