The Fortnite Galactus event was a huge arcade shooter – and now the game has stopped

The Marvel-themed season Fortnite It ended with a galactus-sized burst. As teased since the debut of Season 4 in August, the current season of the game ended with a live event Fortnite players on a planet-sized supervillain in a dramatic clash – and that ended with the game over, replaced by a timer to start Season 5.

For those who managed to get into the event, things started out pretty gently. I spent about half an hour hanging empty-handed on the Avengers helicopter, and there was nothing I could do but build or pick up a gun. Epic yet posted a message he let the players know they were really in the right place.

When the event began properly, Galactus slowly headed for the island before uttering the ominous “Caution. I’m hungry. He then knocked the helicopter out of the sky and the players were introduced into the action by the Iron Man himself. It was a strange event: to prevent the Galactus from destroying the island, players had to drive one version of the iconic, explosives-armed combat bus to power the surveillance. Things played out like a top-notch arcade shooting game, and eventually ended with the explosion of Galactus, the island seemingly remained intact.

There was also a tease that connected the events Fortnitehis own strange story: things ended with a shot of protagonist Jonesy in a suit on the floor of an expensive office. Currently the game is over, the countdown marks the hours until Season 5 starts at 12pm tonight.

Leading to the event, Galactus ’face could be seen in the background at the battle royale matches and grew steadily over the days. It also appears that the Epic developer was expecting a large crowd, warning players to arrive an hour before the start time for 4PM ET (although it started a little later).

Of course, this is just the latest in a series of dramatic live events Fortnite. In the past, this included a mech versus kaiju battle, an explosion flooding the island, and a Travis Scott concert series. Perhaps most ambitious, he saw the whole island sucked into a black hole and closed the game for several days before the Fortnite: Chapter 2.