The Galactus event was Fortnite’s biggest event to date

The season-ending live event that just took place Fortnite the game was the biggest so far, Epic Games confirmed. The Galactus event that has ended FortniteThe current Marvel-themed season has a record of 15.3 million concurrent players, the company said beep.

This surpasses the Travis Scott concert in April, which reached a coefficient of 12.3 million during the first performance. The previous record was the Marshmello show, which reached 10.7 million. Epic says 3.4 million people have watched the Galactus event on Twitch and YouTube as well. At the event, players teamed up to prevent the destruction of the Marvel supervillain Fortniteto be fed by driving a combat bus loaded with explosives on the island.

Fortnite is currently down as Epic prepares to launch Season 5. Anyone just starting the game will see a timer count down to the next season – it’s currently available in just under six hours.