The home nurse (64) dies, rescuing the paraplegic patient from the fire

Louisiana State Fire Marshal Says 64-Year-Old Home Nurse Dies Rescues 71-Year-Old Paraplegic Patient from Fire

DELHI, La. “A 64-year-old home nurse has died rescuing a 71-year-old paraplegic patient from fire,” Louisiana State Fire Marshal said Wednesday.

The homeowner told investigators that Gwendolyn Theus had repeatedly tried to get her bed out of her room and tried to squeeze it out the window on Monday night when smoke reigned from the nurse, the press release said.

Firefighters pulled both women out of the bedroom and gave them CPR. The older woman was transported from her home in Delhi to a Mississippi incineration unit and is expected to recover.

“Miss. A wonderful and heartbreaking effort is made by Theus’ tremendous efforts to put the life of his patient before his own.” Our prayers are with our loved ones and the surviving victim to recover and have lost their dedicated sister and friend.

Severe damage prevented investigators from entering the house to try to figure out where and how the fire started, according to a press release.