The Hunter Biden rehearsal seeks to examine the details of the Burisma: report

Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma is one of the organizations covered by the subpoena of the Ministry of Justice for the President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenPro-Trump protesters, counter-protesters and police clash in DC on election day, according to Castro, “there is still work to be done” on Biden’s cabinet diversity. According to Robert Zoellick, human rights and European relations play a key role in Biden’s foreign policy MOREHunter’s son, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

The citation applies to more than two dozen organizations. It is unclear whether investigators are specifically investigating Biden’s work with the firm or simply part of a broader account of his sources of income.

The report comes days after younger Biden issued a statement on Wednesday confirming that his taxes are at the center of the federal investigation. The citation also seeks more information about your business relationships in China. According to people familiar with the case, the probe dates back to 2018, and at some point it also investigated possible money laundering.


Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014, while his father was a protagonist in the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Scramble President TrumpDonald Trump: A man was shot in Washington State during a violent election protest. Trump-pro protesters, counter-protesters, and police clashed in DC after election protests on election day. COVID-19 infections spread rapidly, while officials continued to distribute the vaccines. without evidence, he often claimed that Biden’s work in Ukraine influenced U.S. policy, a report by Senate Republicans earlier this year found no evidence that Ukrainian politics had a direct impact at the time.

The president-elect would not be believed to be the target of the investigation, and he did not consider the legitimacy of the probe beyond stating “proud of my son.” Attempts by the president to put pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the Biden were eventually indicted by the House of Democrats last year.

Attorney General William BarrBill BarrTrump overwhelms criticism of Barr Kim Kardashian West and criticizes the implementation of Brandon Bernard’s The Hill morning report – the Facebook-presented – COVID-19 vaccine is moving forward. Congress? Not so MORE he was reportedly aware of Hunter Biden’s investigation before the election for months.

Trump has stepped up his criticism of his chief prosecutor since the report, including sharing a tweet calling for Barr’s dismissal over the secrecy of the investigation. Trump’s loud dissatisfaction follows shortly after Barr also broke up with the president, saying there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Hill turned to Biden’s transition team for comments.