The Kansas Covid obituary extracts mask deniers

The Kansas son’s obituary, who pays tribute to his father who died in Covid-19, is spreading like a virus because of the torment of mask rejectors.

In a death notice, Courtney Farr, the son of the late Dr. Marvin J. Farr, who died Dec. 1 at Park Lane Nursing Home in Kansas Scottish City, wrote that his father was “preceded by more than 260,000 infected Americans. Covid -19-tel. “

“I hope you’re as peaceful as you are in this picture,” Courtney Farr wrote in her Facebook post about her father, Marvin.via Facebook

Qualifying his late father as a man born in the Great Depression who survived World War II in the midst of great casualties, Courtney Farr said Marvin “died in a world where many of his American companions refused to wear one garment on his face to protect another.”

“He didn’t die in his own room, he was cared for by people dressed in a confused and frightening way. He died with Covid-19, and his last days were heavier, scarier, and more lonely than necessary. He wasn’t surrounded by friends and families.”

In a Facebook post acknowledging the viral mourning report, Courtney Farr said she was “genuinely shocked” at how many people read her obituary: “Often when we experience loss, pain, or trauma, we feel so alone,” he wrote, “And there is such an incredible power in learning that you are not what someone else knows. “

Farr wrote that the response was “extremely positive, but I have seen some negative comments, including allegations that I made my father’s obituary political.”

“Well, his death was political,” Farr wrote. “He died in isolation in an infectious disease that is causing a national crisis. To pretend or obscure otherwise is also a political decision.”