The latest Walmart PS5, Xbox Series X supply runs out in 2 minutes

Update: According to Walmart’s PS5 and Xbox Series X supply lists live tonight, the consoles are “out of stock.” This change follows shortly after the stock market is “temporarily out of stock,” making it unclear whether the stock will return later tonight. The resupply began at 9 a.m. ET and the lists ran out by 9:02 p.m. It’s worth paying attention to the above lists in any case, but with the word “sold out,” it seems that Walmart is completely out of stock for now. If you still want to buy the consoles, GameStop will have limited stock in stores this Friday.

If you couldn’t catch a PS5 or Xbox Series X system in the pre-order phase or on launch day, you’ll have another chance tonight. Walmart will upload the PS5, PS5 Digital, Xbox X and S series at the next location Tonight, November 25, 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET. Walmart’s main Black Friday sale began at 7 p.m., with a two-hour delay on console replacements to help accommodate site traffic. Walmart won’t sell the PS5 or Xbox Series X in stores, only at, so stay home and keep your mouse finger loose and flabby. It has to be extremely fast to ensure, as we saw that they ran out of stock almost immediately when the Walmart website started having problems during the last stocking.

Replacement of the Walmart Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X.

  • Date: Wednesday, November 25th
  • Time: Evening 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET
  • Where: Online

While Walmart’s Black Friday ad doesn’t show the digital PS5 or Xbox Series St, online lists say both digital consoles are being loaded at the same time as the disk drive versions. If the latest Walmart PS5 recharges indicate that all four consoles will run out quickly, so it’s a good idea to give yourself the best chance of getting ready. We recommend that you make sure in advance that your Walmart shipping and payment information is up-to-date to facilitate payment. In addition to keeping Xbox Series X and PS5 orders online only, Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. However, Walmart’s online Black Friday offers will still be available throughout Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. You might want to check out the full sale as Walmart offers one of the best Black Friday game deals.

For more information on Black Friday 2020, read our guide to the biggest Black Friday sales, store opening hours and the best deals. Big retailers like GameStop and Best Buy are offering great games this year, including Watch Dogs: Legion for just $ 30 – and that includes the next generation of free upgrades. Meanwhile, while still debating which next-generation console to pick up, Microsoft has resolved its PS5 performance concerns, outperforming the Xbox Series X.

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