The lawyer tells the judge that “I am not a cat” after the Zoom filter suffered an accident during the virtual court hearing

“Mr. Ponton, I think a filter is turned on in the video settings,” the judge said.

The little white kitten looked sad, venturing back and forth with his worried eyes. The kitten opened his mouth to speak.

– Do you hear me judging? Ponton said, appearing in the cat filter.

“I’m here, live, I’m not a cat,” he said a few seconds later.

Attorney Rod Ponton mistakenly adopted a cat person at a Texas virtual trial on Tuesday.

Ferguson confirmed that the Zoom accident occurred on Tuesday.

“It actually happened. It wasn’t a joke,” Ferguson told CNN by phone.

The Zoom filter was removed within seconds of that moment, Ferguson said. He added that he had walked through the lawyer on how to turn it off.

“When a child was using the computer, (the child) turned on the filter,” he said. “Of course, the lawyer would have no reason to know that this function exists.”

A TV reporter unconsciously gave the snow report with googly eyes after accidentally turning on Facebook's face filters

CNN approached Ponton, the county attorney for Presido County, but did not hear back. One person who called in his office said the office received a lot of calls.

The virtual hearings were during the pandemic, and it’s no different in Texas. Ferguson said Texas judges held more than a million virtual hearings at this point.

He may have seemed very “not purring-professional,” the judge was proud of how each party handled the situation.

“If you pay close attention, no one scoffed and laughed at it,” Ferguson said. “It just showed the professionalism and dignity that these lawyers bring to virtual hearings.”

With his Twitter account, Ferguson has given the world a public service announcement about using Zoom.

“If a child used their computer before joining a virtual audition, check the Enlarge Video option to make sure the filters are off. This kitten has only officially reported a case in 394. (voice on)” he wrote on Twitter and posted a link to the audition video.
This tale of cat fun isn’t the only video accident that happened in a pandemic. A CNN-affiliated WLOS North Carolina reporter streamed live on his station’s Facebook page when a series of filters popped up. Ever since he looked like a wizard, with googly eyes on the screen, the reporter continued to work as a perfect professional.
Even the famous are known to make the occasional Zoom slider. The comedian Tiffany Haddish had to use the restroom during a video call and didn’t notice it could be seen by other callers.

So please consider this advice: First check the filters and then Zoom in, my furry friends.