The Michigan Court of Appeals to “challenge” Trump’s election challenge

The Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign over the Michigan election results and considered the legal effort “disputed.”

In a decision issued late on Friday, December 4, a panel of three judges decided not to hear an appeal from Trump’s campaign to an earlier court decision in the cases.

Judge Stephen Borrello wrote the brief decision, essentially claiming that Trump’s attorneys failed to file deadlines to file a legal objection.

Borrello wrote that Trump’s campaign on Nov. 30 through 11:21 p.m. given. 23.

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“The Michigan State Board of Canvassers certifies the results of the presidential election and the statutory directive contained in MCL 168,862 and obliges the plaintiff to pursue his fraud charges by recounting the votes cast in Wayne County. Because the plaintiff did not comply with clear Michigan law on such matters, their actions are disputed, ”Borrello wrote.

It wasn’t immediately clear Friday night whether the Trump campaign would turn to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Trump lost the Michigan election against President-elect Joe Biden by about 150,000 votes.

Trump campaign lawyers wanted the Court of Appeal to intervene following Judge Cynthia Stephens ’November 5 verdict.

Stephens then rejected the campaign’s efforts to stop counting absentee votes due to alleged problems with the counting process.

Stephens decided it was too late to stop counting because it was already over. He also said there was simply not enough detail or evidence in the allegations of misconduct.

As part of Friday’s decision of the Court of Appeal, one of the three judges disagreed.

Judge Patrick Meter wrote that he said the issues were undisputed.

“The issues are undisputed because state voters have not yet been seated, the Electoral College has not yet been convened, and Congress has not yet met to consider whether to implement Amendments 1 and 20 to Art.” He wrote.

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