The Michigan star witness to the Trump campaign was considered “unauthentic”. Then his loud testimony became viral.

“I know what I saw,” Carone, Steven Johnson, the GOP’s state representative, said, raising her eyebrows sharply as some laughter came from the chamber. And I signed something saying I could go to jail if I was wrong. Right?

His sharp statements on social media, the Midwestern lilac and the cheeky, blonde spin, compared the “Saturday Night Live” characters played by Victoria Night and Cecily Strong. By early Thursday, one of the clips from the exchange with Johnson had been viewed about 9 million times.

Many follow Carone’s virus clips summarizing the Trump campaign’s recent legal efforts to challenge the momentum gained by President-elect Joe Biden. As campaign lawsuits were raised several times in court, Giuliani instead encouraged Republican lawmakers to accept his uncontrolled fraud allegations and stop their states ’voting certificates.

A key witness to the campaign? A woman whose baseless allegations of illegal voting even made Giulian allegedly pointed out that she had only met him for a week.

Carone, Giuliani and the Trump campaign did not respond immediately to The Washington Post’s comments late on Wednesday night.

Caring for Dominion Voting Systems, a nationwide supplier of voting technology in electoral law systems, Carone came to the forefront of national attention last month as Giuliani mentioned a handful of “extraordinary witnesses” to support the Trump campaign’s uncontrolled claims. stolen choice. “

On election day, Carone said he worked non-stop 24-hour shifts in Detroit’s vote counting operation at TCF Center, which was tasked with IT support for Dominion’s machines. In a statement submitted on November 10, he claimed that some ballots had been scanned illegally several times and suggested that vans intended to feed election workers hide tens of thousands of ballots.

Carone’s statement was incorporated into a lawsuit launched by the Trump campaign to stop verifying election results in Wayne County, a liberal, vote-rich area where Biden received strong support. Timothy Kenny, the Wayne County District Judge, denied the request on Nov. 13, saying Carone and other witnesses misinterpreted the events and were not credible. “

Nearly a month later, he made the same allegations in separate testimonies this week before the Michigan House and Michigan Senate Oversight Committees.

“Everything that happened at that TCF Center was a scam,” she declared. – Every single thing.

During his Wednesday exchange with Johnson, the GOP state legislature questioned his claim that more than 30,000 votes were counted multiple times, but these were not reflected in the poll book, a database that allows election officials to review voter registration data.

“We don’t see the poll recording 30,000 votes,” he said.

“What did you do, buy, and do some madness?” 120 percent. “(Biden won Michigan by more than 154,000 votes.)

When another MP suggested taking an oath during his testimony, Carone became personal.

“I’m a mother, I have two children, I have two degrees,” Carone said in a clip that President Trump shared on Twitter on Wednesday. I don’t know a woman in the world who would make a promise under oath just to write. That’s why he could go to jail.

Later, on the question of why more people were not produced on charges of fraud, he claimed that Trump’s critics had ruined the lives and reputations of witnesses like him. He added that he had lost his family and friends, received threats, had to move, changed his phone number, and had to take down community accounts. (The Facebook account called “Mellissa Carone,” which promoted its media appearances and backed Trump several times in November, is still visible on social media.)

” My life has been completely destroyed because of this, ” he said.

But in social media, his claims seemed to pay much more attention to what they said about the Trump campaign.

Imagine lining up your witnesses, a man wrote on Twitter, and that’s the best you’ve gotten.