The nail-biting Brindisi-Tenney race is further delayed by the judge’s decision

ALBANY – The waiting game just got longer.

The fight for the next representation in New York’s 22nd Congressional District is still not over, as the state’s Supreme Court judge issued the order on Tuesday afternoon, further delaying verification of the results in a race that lasted almost a month.

Anthony Brindisi, the Democratic Representative of the United States, introduces Republican Challenger Claudia Tenney, the so-called “So-called.

Scott DelConte, the court of the Supreme Court in Oswego County, issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday that prevented eight district election officials from certifying the official results of the contest and gave both campaigns a Monday deadline to submit submissions, Syracuse News Channel 9 writes.

The competition was booked by the court for the right half of the month. Scott DelConte, a judge of the Oswego County Supreme Court, on Monday assessed the validity of hundreds of absences and statements – particularly in Oneida County – that were disputed by the Tenney or Brindisi campaigns.

The counting of votes was also raised when at least three “dead” votes surfaced, a question raised by Tina Wayland-Smith, a Madison County attorney.

An official of one of the highest state bodies in the election said the matter should be investigated because it is illegal under state law to count the votes of people who died before the vote.

A Brindisi campaign spokesman said their team plans to meet that deadline, but would not comment further on The Post’s request.

The Tenney campaign was not available for immediate comment.

Tenney had a significant 27,000 votes against Brindisi in the machine count on election night, but the Democrat picked up more than 70 percent of the open and collected ballot papers in the coming weeks.

There are more registered Republican voters in the district than Democrats, and in 2016, President Trump bore the district with nearly 16 points.

In 2018, she approved Tenney and even made a trip to Utica to campaign for the then-first-year congressional woman.

Finally, two years ago, he lost his re-election offer, and in 2020, the president once again helped Tenney, supporting the resurgence of his campaign.

District 22 begins near the Dier Tier Binghamton, across downtown New York and north to the Canadian border, including parts of Chenango, Cortland, Madison, and Oneida counties, as well as parts of Broome, Herkimer, Oswego, and Tioga counties.