The Never-Trump movement breaks apart as a villain heads toward the exit

In the upcoming new TV and digital ad, the Lincoln Project reaches Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) For stock market trading after attending a Senate private briefing on the spread of the coronavirus. The ad, first shared with POLITICO, gives a populist tone that contrasts with Loeffler’s fortune – his Georgian mansion and villa on Sea Island – with Americans struggling during the pandemic.

In the longer term, the 18 Republican lawyers and the majority of Republican houses who supported the failed Texas lawsuit “will not get free admission,” Galen said. “On January 21st, they can’t run through the car wash and say,‘ I was just kidding, we didn’t think seriously. “

Raising money without Trump in the White House to motivate donors is another challenge for the movement. Lincoln project leaders have said fundraising will stagnate after the runoff in Georgia, but they trust their creativity in advertising and messaging will draw attention, which will help bring in the money. Kristol said “our donors believe we made a difference in 2020” and want the group to sustain it.

A secret anti-Trump group is planning the rest

But the big road to the never-ending Trump movement is far from clear. A recent email from POLITICO, known as the Stakeholders Meeting, sent to participants in a secret anti-Trump meeting illustrates the intersection some Trumpper has never faced.

With Trump leaving office soon, “it’s worth rethinking what new functions meetings can or should serve,” wrote Geoff Kabaservice, the meeting’s organizer, to his allies.

He then asked them to fill out a questionnaire that asked, “Do you believe that after leaving Trump’s office, the Republican Party can become a positive force in American political life?” “Do you want to direct your political efforts over the next two years to reform the GOP, or to support Democrats or a third party?”

According to Kabaservice, because the meetings were confidential, he was unable to discuss the specific findings of the poll. But he said those on the move “Worry a little about what’s going to hold us together,” after Trump leaves office.

Some believe in the “renovation and restoration of the Republican Party”. Others say, “Good bondage, and all that needs to be burned.” As for the establishment of a third party, Kaberservice says there is a “huge difference of opinion”.

Sarah Longwell, co-founder of Trump’s Anti-State Republicans for the Rule of Law, says her mission is twofold: To continue to fight Trump’s attacks on the electoral system and protect Republicans who break up with Trump or work with Democrats.

His group has dropped nearly $ 1 million in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, defending GOP officials who have verified election results in recent weeks. Longwell Group has also launched its first ad purchase on Newsmax – a far-right store that has become Trump’s favorite – to question misinformation Trump served his voters at the source. And if Trump restarts, he will continue his other organization, Republican, against Republican voters.

Longwell also said, “We want to be there to provide air support to Republicans who are trying to find ways to work together on meaningful things,” with Bidendel, such as infrastructure legislation or reforms that curb executive power.

New party?

Attempts by the Republican Party to overthrow the election results, including recent efforts on the floor of the House and violent threats by GOP officials, have shocked the never-ending Trumpers. He encouraged McMullin to ask the New York Times this week if it was time to form a new Conservative party.

This could “include running our own candidates in the Republican pre-election,” he told POLITICO in an interview.

“I wouldn’t support the creation of a new party without the support of some sitting officials in Congress or elsewhere,” McMullin said. “We’re getting closer to a point where it’s possible.”

Some leaders, never Trump’s, have started discussing which Trump loyalists are being targeted in the pre-election. Among the options are Republican MP Louie Gohmert of Texas, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Chris Stewart of Utah, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Paul Gosar of Arizona. They can also challenge Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) By providing support to a Democrat. However, the talks are at an early stage and goals may vary depending on which party wins the senate.

The amorphous nature of the never Trump movement is evident in the creators. Some did what they once thought was unthinkable and became Democrats. Others say they are not Democrats, nor are they Republicans, which makes it difficult to plan their next steps.

“I don’t see a place where anything would be chosen for the next four years because Trump and Trumpism will dominate,” Former MP Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) Said. “I’ll probably be in the political wilderness my whole life.”

Stevens, a fellow at the Lincoln Project, is willing to work for Republicans but focuses more on helping Democrats as a “governing” party.

“Basically, the choice that divides the parties now is not so much ideological as it is more pro-democracy or authoritarian,” Stevens said. – It doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen. We used to have an authoritarian movement in America, but we have never had such a patronage for the majority of the party to throw away the election results.