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The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Competition

The former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, announced on Tuesday that he would not chair and his way to democratic nomination was tight and he could achieve more as an individual.

The decision eliminates competition from one of the world's richest men, a self-described centrist who was able to dominate early primary spending and run other moderate candidates' campaigns.

"I think I would overcome Donald Trump in a general election," Bloomberg said in a statement released Tuesday Tuesday. "But I can see clearly how difficult it is to win a democratic mark in such a crowded area."

Instead of applying, Bloomberg is committed to financing a new independent political operation to prevent President Trump from re-election with intense voter targeting and information in swing states over the next 18 months.

The former mayor, who reaches over $ 50 billion in the management of a financial services empire that shares his name, made a final decision on Monday morning in New York after a month-long process of building the campaign infrastructure. He trained the staff, conducted a wide-ranging vote, and organized the potential Manhattan office space into campaign centers.

During the process, former Vice President Joe Biden, who has not yet announced his intention, is of great importance, as Bloomberg's advisers have come to the conclusion that they have turned to similar primary voters.

Who hopes to challenge President Trump in 2020?

The Democratic Party voters' feelings for Bloomberg's business background have also been jeopardized. Some of the more liberal candidates, including Elizabeth Warren Senator (D-Mass.) And Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Made a huge wealth of billionaires a central theme of their campaigns.

Bloomberg would have been criticized as a supporter of the stop-and-frisk police, with the misconceptions about Wall Street decrees supported by President Barack Obama and the allegations of sexual harassment at work.

The advisers said they finally decided not to run after they had finished their political activism and charity work over the next two years, focusing on issues such as armed violence, opioid dependence, and violence. climate change.

"I realized I was less interested in talking than doing it," he wrote. "And I came to the conclusion that now is the best way to help the country lift the fingers and continue my work."

Former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, Bloomberg, made a preliminary policy proposal on what a more feasible climate change plan like Green New Deal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) would support. which the congress does not act. Bloomberg hopes that the Democrats will ultimately adopt the plan with the idea of ​​legislating after the 2020 elections.

Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), Who deals with Ocasio-Cortezno's climate change policy, said Bloomberg would play a central role in future efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

"Now that we have a destination, Mike Bloomberg helps you find the way to get there," he said.

Pope said Bloomberg was going to "the person who writes the playbook."

"We want this to be the platform agreed by the presidential candidates who want to deal with climate change," he said.

Bloomberg plans to increase its investment in the philanthropic effort called Beyond Coal, which has been working to shut down coal power plants in recent years, and is launching a new effort with the Beyond Carbon power plant, with the aim of greatly eliminating the use of gas and oil. Until 2050 in the United States.

Since the organizational and legal challenges at the local level, the efforts supported by Bloomberg have closed more than half of the country's coal power plants since 2010. It aims to force the closure of the remaining facilities by 2030.

To build the Trump Anti-Action, Bloomberg's team recruited many former advisers into Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

After spending $ 115 million on Democrat elections in mid-2018, Bloomberg spent more on the 2020 effort, according to consultants.

Efforts are focused on preparing a message strategy and communicating with convincing voters in the expected swing states, even before the Democratic selection. The priorities of other democracy-based groups, including the US, are planning advertising campaigns in the coming year to target the same voters.

Obama's campaign advisers include David Plouffe, former White House director, local organizer, Mitch Stewart and Dan Wagner data scientist.

“Somebody has to handle the intensity as if we were running against Trump. That's not happening, "Plouffe said. "In a narrow decision where six or six states are defined within a few points, this kind of effort can be great."

In joining the presidential race, Bloomberg promised a campaign for 12 years as a fiscal manager in New York City and charity activities on issues such as arms control, global warming and public health.

With his help he emphasized the story of his own life as a self-made businessman from the Massachusetts education in Serbia, Forbes said he was the ninth richest man in the world. Bloomberg had previously rejected Trump's business results, saying he was just a "real estate supporter".

"I would never have chosen three times in a row without trying to win the voters in the middle, and finally I think it will allow for better governance," said Bloomberg at an 2018 Pennsylvania Democratic Party event.

Now that the campaign has been similar in the 2008 and 2016 cycles, this kind of campaign returns to the shelf. However, his assistants say that he does not intend to stay out of politics and continue to participate in the democratic primary battle as a supporter.

"You should hear much more about Mike Bloomberg," said Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg's long-term political advisor. – Some people don't run and you won't hear about them again. I think the reverse is true here.

Shortly after Bloomberg decided on Monday, his assistant decided to go to a third-party meeting to decide on the campaign's logo. The team built a campaign website and planned a launch in Medford, Mass.

"What we basically told him that we would build a car and we gave him the keys," said Howard Wolfson, a political strategist at Bloomberg, who helped make the plans. – If you want to turn the car on, the car will work and go fast and look good.

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