The Oregon governor is asking the hosts to invite their guests

Oregon Korm. Kate BrownKate Brown: “Thank you” thanks for Thanksgiving. Hill’s morning report, presented by the UAE Embassy in Washington, calls for Dems McConnell to be exempt from COVID-19; Grassley and COVID-19 Oregon Governor Officially Order New Coronavir Virus Restrictions (D) on Tuesday called on those who planned to hold Thanksgiving gatherings to invite their guests and “keep them small” as the country is experiencing a rapid increase in coronavirus infections.

Brown added it to Twitter helping to change traditional vacation plans, which other elected officials and public health experts have also warned caution with U.S. states about the record increase in COVID-19 cases.

Based on New York Times coronavirus database, there were roughly 178,200 newly confirmed infections in the United States on Tuesday, at least 2216 deaths. By Wednesday afternoon, more than 12.7 million COVID-19 cases and at least 260,900 deaths had occurred in the United States.

“It’s hard, but hard victims are now saving lives,” Brown wrote. – This Thanksgiving should be small. Invite them.

The Democratic governor also attached a 30-second video with suggestions on who should withdraw Thanksgiving invitations to keep personal relationships to a minimum, including “your new friend,” “your drunken uncle,” “your best friend,” and “ your vegan niece ”.

“Keep your gathering small on this holiday,” the text of the video sounded. “Limit groups. Save lives. ”

The governor last week issued an execution order implementing a new wave of restrictions on Oregon public life, including restaurants that can only offer handover and delivery services. The order also provided that gyms, museums and some other businesses be forced to close completely.

“I know that Oregonians have made huge casualties during the pandemic, and that these new, temporary restrictions may seem daunting,” Brown said in a statement at the time. “But, we’re at a breaking point. If we don’t take further action, there is a danger that infections and hospitalizations will continue to rise alarmingly and risk the lives of our neighbors and loved ones.”

“I also know that the Oregonians come together when needed and we owe it to each other to take these measures seriously. It is up to all of us to work together to control the virus,” he added.

From Tuesday to Oregon Health Authority registered more than 67,000 COVID-19 cases and 847 deaths from the virus, with more than 1,000 new infections and a further 21 deaths on Tuesday.

Brown’s Twitter video was released the same day by Michigan Gov. Gretchen WhitmerGretchen Whitmer: Whitmer calls on Michigan residents to avoid festive gatherings with people outside their household. The Michigan County Council approves the decision to hold Whitmer accountable. (D) issued a video title calling on Michiganders to avoid holding personal gatherings on Thanksgiving.

“If you plan to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your own household, I ask you to think it over.” Whitmer said.

“We need to make short-term sacrifices for our long-term health,” he continued. “None of us want guilt in collecting and inadvertently spreading this virus to someone we love.”