The Pennsylvania governor shows a positive result for Covidra

More than 440,000 people have tested positive for the disease in Pennsylvania and more than 11,000 have died.

As cases multiplied nationwide, Wolf called on Pennsylvaniaans to take additional precautions to prevent the disease from spreading. He has repeatedly called on the rapporteur to wear a mask and avoid crowded spaces, and on Monday said the community’s health system will soon be flooded with Covid cases.

“Over the past two weeks, unfortunately, the situation in Pennsylvania has gotten even worse, and I find things here that I really, really wish I didn’t have to say,” Wolf said at a news conference Monday. “If we don’t slow down the spread of this dangerous virus now, if we don’t, the reality is that Covid-19 will cover our hospitals and our healthcare system.”

“All 13 million people in Pennsylvania have a shared responsibility to make this work happen,” Wolf said.