The proposal proposes to provide a $ 1,500 stimulus check in exchange for receiving COVID vaccine

Would you buy a COVID-19 vaccine in exchange for another stimulus check? This is suggested by one politician to entice Americans to get vaccinated.

CNBC says former Democratic congressman and presidential candidate John Delaney is proposing to give Americans willing to receive the vaccine a $ 1,500 stimulus.

“The sooner we vaccinate 75 percent of this country, the faster we will end Covid, and the sooner things will return to normal,” Delaney told the news agency.

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The proposal faces some serious hurdles, given that Congress has not yet been able to agree on a new stimulus package in the midst of a pandemic. The last stimulus check sent to Americans was back in March.

COVID-19 will first be available for high-risk groups. The CDC specifies that the list continues as any work related to health activities, law enforcement, first aid, educators, food manufacturers, the agricultural industry, the energy sector, water management, transportation, public works, housing services.

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In less than a week, the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine goes before the FDA. Officials say they will be transported to the country within a few hours as soon as they are approved.

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