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The prosecutor moves to Netanyahu for corruption charges

This, in turn, reinforced his leading opponent, General Benny Gantz, former military commander, and Gantz's argument that Israel needs a clean, fresh start. "Thank you for the last ten years," said Mr. Gantz, saying to Mr. Netanyahu. – We'll take it here.

Mr Mandelblit's decision may even hinder Netanyahu by winning re-election by narrowing down the potential of the new government coalition and perhaps even the chance of sinking.

The conservative Likud party will almost certainly have to focus on several smaller parties to reach a majority of at least 61 votes in the 120-seat parliament. The current right-wing and ultra-orthodox coalition allies have so far promised to insist on it, at least before the formal accusations are made, but polls show that some of them cannot be elected.

Before the announcement of Mr Mandelblit's announcement on Thursday, The Times of Israel showed that finding Mr Netanyahu's indictment definitely changes the race, so that 44 representatives of Mr Gantz's party in the Parliament and the Likud 25.

Mr Netanyahu may also choose to surrender as part of a legal agreement.

Mr Mandelblit's decision covers three separate investigations, although they have followed a clear pattern.

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In the first, the police said that the Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, an Australian billionaire, overseas Israeli sponsored by James Packer, sent hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive cigars, jewels, and sparkling wine to his residence in Jerusalem, and that Netanyahu was in exchange for the law, which may be beneficial to Mr Milchan, though blocked by the Ministry of Finance.

In the second, Netanyahu was accused of discussing the possibility of a favorable coverage agreement with one of Israel's largest newspapers, Yediot Ahronot. in return, Yediot Ahron is better treated by Mr. Netanyahut. Israel Hayom owns Sheldon Adelson, owner of the American billionaire casino, a dedicated supporter of Mr Netanyahu.

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