The PS5 is starting to move away from the Xbox X series in a certain way

As I thought, I’ve been jumping back and forth between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X for the past two weeks. Spider-Man, Godfall and Destiny on PS5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and now Immortals: Fenyx Rising on Xbox Series X.

Initially, I had a better first impression of the Xbox than the PS5, as the PS5 crashed much more often and the cloud rescue caused some problems. But now everything is clear. After a few firmware fixes, I no longer had a scary crash and my backup games are where they need to be. So as such, both consoles seem to be roughly equivalent in terms of performance, even if the PS5’s new user interface continues to be a nuisance.

However, I’m starting to feel one of the main differences between the consoles and it has nothing to do with the boxes themselves.

That would be the difference between the PS5 DualSense controller and the Xbox’s more regular Series X controller, which hasn’t undergone such a major transformation yet.

Now that I’ve stopped playing Godfall and mostly use DualSense for games like Spider-Man, Destiny, or Call of Duty, I’m really starting to enjoy it, and beyond that, I already feel pretty weird when I switch to Xbox, and suddenly the subtle differences between the rumbles feel mainly in two settings: VIBRATE BIG or VIBRATE SMALL.

I’m still a bit confused about the causes of adaptive resistance with DualSense. They don’t feel good in games like Godfall or Borderlands, but they’re better in Destiny or Spider-Man. But the rumble that I’ve always liked seems to me to be the most important part of these games, and although I can “get used to” over time and somehow forget it, The Xbox feels really weird about losing these subtleties.

I don’t know what the future of DualSense will be, and I wouldn’t expect crazy the amount of use in at least third party games. But if you feel this in a game like Destiny 2, a last-generation game that doesn’t yet have a next-generation patch, and that also has a big marketing deal with Microsoft, you know the controller is doing a few things on its own. And when you do really complete your Astro Playroom with it, it’s wild and I would expect at least Sony’s first board games, Horizon, God of War, Tsushima 2 and so on. With Miles Morales, through something as simple as receiving texts from your mom, not to mention frenetic fighting and internet swing.

In short, I’m repentant, and that’s a noticeable difference between two consoles that really, very little, apart from (or lack of) exclusive games. I don’t know if DualSense is a “system vendor,” it’s not that the PS5 just needs something other than its existence to sell it, but it’s something I really enjoyed and notice when I prefer Xbox I play on or PC.

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