The recount in two Wisconsin counties confirms Biden’s victory.

The two largest counties in Wisconsin have completed the recount requested by the Trump campaign, the results of which will slightly increase the victory rate of Joseph R. Biden Jr. and confirm President Trump’s victory in this month’s election.

Dane County confirmed its election results on Sunday and Milwaukee County confirmed its aggregation on Friday. The Wisconsin Electoral Commission will meet Tuesday.

The conclusion of the recount entails another loss in the Trump campaign’s efforts to lay the groundwork for Mr. Biden’s victory. The president’s team has suffered a number of losses in several key states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan.

While Mr. Trump continued to spread unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Wisconsin and across the country, his campaign called for a recount in two highly democratic counties. But it had little effect on the end results.

In Milwaukee County, Mr. Biden’s ticket received 317,527 votes. Mr. Trump’s ticket received 134,482 pieces, according to county results. Both amounts increased slightly from a previous count, and Mr. Biden received 132 votes.

County Dane, which includes the city of Madison and the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin, found that 260,094 votes were cast for Mr. Biden and 78,754 for Mr. Trump. Compared to previous results, the final total included 91 fewer votes for Mr. Biden and 46 fewer – Trump’s 45 net profit.

Before the recount amounts were announced, Mr. Trump indicated that he would continue to struggle with the results. “The Wisconsin recount is not about counting mistakes, but about finding people who voted illegally, and this matter will be brought on Monday or Tuesday after the recount is complete,” he said. wrote on Saturday on Twitter. “We found a lot of illegal votes. Stay with us! “

The Wisconsin Electoral Commission estimates the nationwide recount will cost $ 7.9 million. Milwaukee County estimates its recalculation will cost about $ 2 million and Dane County will cost about $ 740,808. Under state law, Mr. Trump’s team is expected to meet the bill because the difference between the candidates exceeded 0.25 percent.

They also broadcast their accounts live in Milwaukee County and Dane County. Mr Trump insisted that his campaign observers were unable to monitor the number of votes, a statement that was disputed.