The recount of Milwaukee County votes gives Biden a little boost

MADISON, WIS. (AP) – Milwaukee County completed the recount of presidential ballots on Friday and found only small changes in the total number of votes in one of the two Wisconsin counties that recounted the ballots, but President Donald Trump’s attorneys were ready for the legal challenge to toss. thousands of ballots.

President Joe Biden’s leadership rose 132 votes after county election officials counted more than 450,000 votes. Democrat Biden won the state with nearly 20,600 votes, and there was a 2: 1 difference in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

Trump paid to recount in both counties where there are many Democratic voters. By Friday morning, Trump got 68 votes over Biden in Dane County, but election officials there are not expected to finish until Sunday.

When election officials found hundreds of ballots, the overall value of Milwaukee County votes increased for both candidates. Election officials said these votes were not originally counted due to “human error”.

“I promised it would be a transparent and fair process, and it was,” said Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson.

Trump’s campaign appears to be preparing for a court challenge to change the outcome of the election, but court litigation is tight. The deadline for verifying the vote is Tuesday. Verification is by the Democratic chairman of the Wisconsin Electoral Commission, which is bipartisan.

The Wisconsin Voters Alliance Conservative Group has already filed a lawsuit against election officials, seeks to block the certification of results. This echoes many of the claims Trump is expected to make.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ lawyers responded to the lawsuit on Friday, calling it a “naughty attack on democracy itself” and asking the state’s Supreme Court to dismiss it.

Evers, Democrats, said the group’s lawsuit was called a “mixture of legal distortions” that uses factual untruths to try to deprive millions of Wisconsin residents of their voting rights. He argues that failure to verify election results would overturn other election results across the state and plunge the government into chaos.

Trump’s attorneys targeted the missing ballot papers, where voters called themselves “indefinitely closed,” allowing them to cast their votes in absentia without presenting a photo ID; ballot papers with two different colored certification envelopes, indicating that a poll worker could have helped fill it out; and missing ballot papers that do not have a separate written record for your application, such as votes for personal absences.

Election officials counted these votes during the recount, but marked them as exhibits at the request of the Trump campaign.

Trump’s campaign has already failed elsewhere in court, with no evidence of widespread fraud, on which experts broadly agree, does not exist. Legal legal challenges have failed in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

On Monday, the federal government recognized Biden as the “apparent winner” of the November 3 election over Trump. Despite the fact that Trump continued his attacks on the election, he said he would help Biden through the transition.