The retired NYPD officer is charged in the Capitol Riot

A retired New York City police officer who once worked on City Hall security details was arrested on Tuesday, according to federal charges, the police officer was arrested with a metal flagpole during the Trump-Party riot in the Capitol on January 6th.

Former officer Thomas Webster said a law enforcement officer was part of a New York City Police Department that provided security for the mayor, Gracie Mansion and City Hall. He retired from the force in 2011.

Former Marine, 54-year-old Webster, surrendered to the FBI on Monday and was charged with six cases of assault on the officer and his involvement in a violent attempt that prevented Congress from verifying the results of the presidential election.

The federal prosecutor said there were videos of Mr. Webster attacking the officer, first with a metal flagpole that had previously carried a Marine flag and then with his bare hands. Mr. Webster was also filmed when he tore off the officer’s protective gear and drowned.

“These videos shock my conscience,” said prosecutor Benjamin A. Gianforti. He said Mr. Webster showed up in the absence of full sympathy and chased the officer he attacked like a junk dog. The government did not immediately identify the attacked officer and did not describe his injuries.

Among the most serious charges Mr. Webster faces is a violent attack by a U.S. officer on a dangerous weapon that carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Before the federal judge in White Plains, New York, Mr. Webster practically did not dispute that he appeared in three separate videos of the January 6 attack.

Mr. Webster’s attorney, James Monroe, said his client traveled to the Capitol to launch a legal protest because he found the election unfair. According to the lawyer, Mr. Webster acted in self-defense after the officer hit him.

“As an American citizen, he went there to protest an event that our former president had called for – to protest a problem that Tom felt very strongly about,” he said. – This protects the Constitution.

Judge Andrew E. Krause agreed that the videos he saw of Mr. Webster’s actions were shocking and ordered that they be held without bail until further trial.

William K. Rashbaum contributed to the report.