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The rules of the Pelosi mulls House change the GOP

Speacekeeper Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Democrats could change the House Rules in a way that would make it difficult for Republicans to bite the law at the last minute.

Pelosi, D-Calif, said a bipartisan body that examines how the house works is able to examine the upstart procedure called "restarting motion." Once known, the MTR effectively gives the minority party the opportunity to change legislation before it begins.

Usually these changes are easily blocked by the majority. But Republicans have so far won two victories with MTRs in the Democrats from swing districts, and democratic leaders are not happy about it.

On Wednesday, for example, Republicans have managed to amend the arms control bill with a provision requiring illegal immigrants who buy weapons to be notified of immigration and customs enforcement. The measure has come with the help of more than two dozen democrats, many of whom are President Trump.

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Voting with the minority from the MTR can be seen as a blow to the leadership because it abandons the majority leverage for the minority on the floor of the House.

Pelosi told reporters Thursday that "with a great faith … in the rights of the minority to speak." But it does not exclude that the MTR process will change at some point in the future.

He said that the elected committee, which focused on modernizing the house, could examine the changes in the MTR. "I think this is a place where some of these might happen," Pelosi said.

Specifically, Democrats are seeking a change that would require Republicans to ensure that Democrats are provided with the language of the amendment in time to have the opportunity to convince Democratic colleagues to vote against them.

While democratic leaders decide what to do, Pelosi said that in the meantime, Democrats must stop voting for Republican movements.

"Put on another category," Pelosi said, asking if he wanted to stop the GOP from the last-minute change. – I think you will only vote against all MTRs.

It is not the first time that Democrats believed that change would prevent the use of the GOP process.

In 2007, the then Republican minority shocked the Democratic leaders by winning one-third of all MTRs offered on the house floor. In one case, the Republicans modified the D.C. a bill on voting rights that would have repealed the armed property ban on the district. Democrats finally pulled the bill off the ground because dozens of Democrats would have supported the GOP.

While the Democrats believed the abolition of the MTR at that time had never been threatened.

Kevin McCarthy, Republican leader R-Calif. He warned that Democrats would use a "nuclear option" to change a centuries-old rule that allows a minority to try to change legislation before passing through.

"Democrats want to take the rules and suppress the minority party's speech on the House floor," said McCarthy, a minority leader.

McCarthy said that if the Democrats were to change now, it would be similar to the dramatic changes that the Senates made in democracies and left the minority right to prevent candidates.

The proposal for renewal has existed since 1909 in its present form. McCarthy noted that the GOP has never tried to change over the majority period for more than two decades.

"Changes to restart would be a nuclear option and would leave a patch in this majority in just two months," McCarthy said.

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