The shutdown of AWS caused a big chunk of the Internet

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s Internet infrastructure service, which is the backbone of many websites and applications, is experiencing a severe outage affecting much of the Internet.

“Kinesis experienced increased error rates this morning in our U.S.-East-1 region, which affected some other AWS services,” Amazon told The edge. – We’re working on a solution. Ironically, in a statement from the AWS Service Health Dashboard, Amazon said the problem had obviously “affected the ability to publish updates” to this dashboard.

The problem appears to be fairly widespread, as a number of apps and services have posted on Twitter about how the AWS shutdown will affect them, including Anchor, owned by Roku, Flickr, Adobe Spark and Spotify. has also jumped in user reports of problems with many Amazon services.

AWS is one of the most widely used cloud computing services in the world, so any problem can have a significant wave effect on other web services and applications. The shutdown in 2017 affected companies such as Trello, Quora and IFTTT.