The Southern California wildfire is out of control and will continue in the coming days

The flames spread from a house to nearby vegetation, touching a huge, wind-whipped fire that burned out under control in southern California, authorities said.

The bond fire began shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday in Silverado Canyon in eastern Orange County, about 50 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, officials said.

Orange County Fire Department captain Paul Holaday says this flame, with plenty of fibrous dry brush in front of him, and is projected to burn with a strong wind over the weekend.

“Completely affected by a structural fire that covered the brush,” Holaday said. “Because of the continuing strong winds at that (and) weekend, it’s going to be a constant campaign fire.”

By Thursday noon, the bond fire had consumed more than 7,200 acres without absolute restriction.

Strong gusts of wind between 55 and 80 km / h pushed flames and smoke that could be seen for miles in southern California.

Two firefighters were injured and were taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon while fighting the fire. The severity of their injury is unknown.

The bond fire prompted Orange County sheriff’s deputies to order the evacuation of the hillside communities adjacent to Silverado Canyon. Residents of Foothill Ranch and Williams, Modjeska, Black Star and Baker Canyons were all told to leave for their own safety.

This is an evolving story. Please update here for updates.

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