The Steelers Clinch playground before the Sunday night match of the 14th week

The Pittsburgh Steelers will only be playing on Sunday night, but by finishing their matches early in the 14th week, they have now secured a place to play before they even play in their main event.

The Steelers won the playoffs on Sunday afternoon as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins to 33-27. The Steelers entered Week 14 by needing a win or a draw against the Buffalo Bills to play, or a Sunday afternoon defeat or a draw against the Dolphins or Las Vegas Raiders, or the defeat of the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans won their match at the start of Week 14 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Raiders will play against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon.

This is the first time since the 2017 season in the playoffs. In the last two seasons, they missed the playoffs with records of 9-6-1 and 8-8, respectively.

The Steelers could have a chance to stay first in the AFC on Sunday if they can convince Bills at home. They will also have a chance to win AFC North in Week 14 if they beat the Bills on Sunday night and the Cleveland Browns lose to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.