The storms leave a trail from Pinellas Park to Polk County

Warehouses and buildings along Endeavor Way near Pinellas Park at 66th Street suffered significant damage after a tornado erupted over two miles of Pinellas County on Wednesday night.

The car windows smashed and the walls of the businesses tore off. An 18-wheeled vehicle was overturned on the sides and roofs of large buildings opposite the fences.

We spoke to an office worker who said the bad storm had become very deadly very quickly.

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“The power went out and it was on for us in 90 seconds. It just crashed into the doors, took off half of the roof, it was an extreme experience, nothing I’ve ever gone through. , Danny Wilcox, with Southern Lock and Supply, told FOX 13 News. “We all boarded the inside room of the building to make sure we were safe. Fortunately, no one was injured in the building.

Police at Pinellas Park said all buildings and cars in the area were inspected, which were damaged and no one was found injured or in need of rescue.

Business owners and insurance administrators began to take stock of the damage and all that was lost before the sun went down. If the sun rises on Thursday, it will be easier to get a full bill.

Police have asked everyone in the area to be careful and avoid the Endeavor Way unless you need to be there.

The tornadoes were basically caused by the same cell over and over again as it traveled along I-275 and I-4, says meteorologist Tyler Eliasen.

The phones started alarming just before 4 p.m. Around 4:15 p.m., SkyTower Radar showed a “strong rotation” east of Feather Sound over the Howard Frankland Bridge. FOX 13 chief meteorologist, Paul Dellegatto.

The next hour, storms triggered tornado warnings from Tampa to Lakeland.

Staff from several agencies responded to reports of collapsed structures, fallen trees and torn pylons. THE Pinellas Park Police Department said in a tweet that emergency personnel responded to several locations with “structural damage caused by the weather.”

About a mile away, residents traveling to Elmhurston described it as if a freight train was coming through and you could see why. The view of SkyFOX shows rows of fallen trees, tossed debris and damaged houses.

Karol was outside Singleton and assessed the damage to her home Wednesday night. Somewhere under his neighbor’s tree is Karol’s house. His car was completely covered in debris. He said he had only paid in recent months.

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But Singleton said he has insurance. He’s just glad no one was hurt.

“The wind was so unreal. The windows seem to be bent, Singleton said. – It was scary, but so fast, approx. 45 seconds to minutes.

And the cleaning started just as quickly. Within an hour, you could hear miles of chainsaws clearing the driveways and trees crossed the roads. There will be busy days, with cleaning and insurance work still to come.

“We are extremely lucky and hope that the injury report stays where it is,” PPPD captain Adam Geissenberger has suggested.

As the sun went down and the electrical crew worked to restore power to the roughly 14,000 residents who lost power in Pinellas County, police warned the roads. Police at Pinellas Park also said traffic signs had gone out “in several places”, but most of the damage was limited to less populated industrial areas in the area.

Near the intersection of Belcher Road and Bryan Dairy Road, the street lights went out and officers were placed to direct traffic.

The sight of SkyFOX showed the dark parts of North-North Pinellas County, where many homes and businesses lost power.

Duke Energy officials said the tornado caused significant damage to the power grid, but still managed to supply some 14,000 customers without power by 22:00 for about a day.

Nevertheless, more than 25 feed poles had to be replaced or repaired.

View from SkyFOX of unpowered areas after tornado activity in Pinellas Park

The crew said they work all night and there may still be power supplies by Thursday morning.

Officials said treating any drained electrical wires or poles as if they were edge and making sure they stayed 30 feet away.

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Too bad in Pinellas Park, seen from SkyFOX

Too bad in Pinellas Park, seen from SkyFOX

Too bad in Pinellas Park, seen from SkyFOX

The view of downtown Tampa is Wednesday around 4:20 p.m.