The Supreme Court rejects Texas AG’s attempt to overturn the election results

On Friday night, the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by the Texas Attorney General for the annulment of the election for lack of Article 3 of the Constitution.

“Texas has not demonstrated a legally recognizable interest in conducting elections in another state. All other pending motions will be rejected as disputed,” the Court wrote.

The legal saga began Tuesday when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the Supreme Court to throw out the voting results in four battlefield states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that went against President Donald Trump instead of President-elect Joe Biden.

Paxton accused states of taking advantage of the coronavirus epidemic to disregard federal and state election laws to bias the November 3 election results. He specifically objected to the legality of postal ballots, which were allegedly placed in boxes that had “little or no chain of custody” and were not subject to strict signature verification requirements.

“If the rule of law is not upheld, a dark shadow of doubt will be cast over the outcome of the full election,” Paxton said in a statement. “We are now asking the Supreme Court to intervene to correct this serious error.”

All state officials sued by the Attorney General quickly dismissed the charges. Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Jordan Fuchs said the allegations were “false and irresponsible.” Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shaprio noted that “these ongoing attacks on our fair and free election system are beyond recklessness.” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel told CNN that she felt sorry for Texas residents who had to pay the bill for the long shot. litigation.

Biden garnered 306 voter votes, surpassing the 270 required to win a state-run election college, and leads the nationwide referendum with more than 7 million votes. Trump has so far refused to give in to the election and continues to unfoundedly claim that the competition was committed by widespread voter fraud.

While legal experts quickly dismissed Paxton’s lawsuit, 17 states whose elections were won by Trump were told the Supreme Court on Wednesday to support Texas ’attempt to overthrow the results. Trump also filed a motion on Wednesday to intervene in the case as a candidate for personal quality.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Supreme Court
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks at a press conference before the Supreme Court on June 9, 2016 at a press conference on Capitol Hill. Paxton filed a lawsuit on Dec. 8 in four battlefield states in an attempt to overthrow the election results in which Joe Biden became elected president. President Donald Trump in the November 3 general election.
Garbiella Demczuk / Getty

On Thursday, House of Representatives 106 Republicans signed an amicus lecture in a Texas lawsuit to invalidate millions of votes.

“Most of my Republican colleagues in the House and countless of our voters across the country now have serious concerns about the integrity of our electoral system. The purpose of our amicus report is to express that concern and our sincere conviction that the importance of this issue is fully and thoroughly considered by the Court. it deserves, ”said Mike Johnson, who sought to develop an amicus motion for the case. Newsweek.

Officials in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin did not refine words in their responses to the case and on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit.

“The court should not abide by such tempting abuse of court proceedings and send a clear and unambiguous signal that such abuses should never be repeated,” the Pennsylvania prospectus said.

Christopher Carr, Georgia’s chief prosecutor, wrote to the court: “In this election cycle, Georgia did what the Constitution authorized it to do: conduct the electoral process, conduct the elections against the logistical challenges posed by COVID19, and confirm and validate the election results. “Over and over and over again. But Texas has definitely sued Georgia.”

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Trump tweeted on Friday that the court will show “Wisdom and Courage” if they choose Texas.

“If the Supreme Court shows great wisdom and courage, the American People will win perhaps the most important case in history and our election process will be respected again!” the President wrote.