The Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia is dying of a virus

ATLANTA (AP) – George H. Carley, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia, has died. He was 82 years old.

Carley died Thursday night of COVID-19, according to a statement posted on the court’s website.

Governor Brian Kemp tweeted his condolences on Friday night, calling Carley’s death a “devastating loss”.

“Please pray for your loved ones during this difficult time,” the governor wrote.

In 2012, Carley was able to retire as president of the Supreme Court, but his colleagues working on the bench unanimously voted to take up the post of chief justice instead in the two months before his retirement.

“His legacy will be that a thoroughly decent human being can rise to great heights even in the legal profession,” said Willis B. Hunt Jr. He was Chief Justice during the 2012 oath during which Carley became the state Supreme Court.

Carley was the first in the history of the state to serve as president and chief justice of the Court of Appeal of Georgia and as a judge and supreme judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Carley was appointed to the Georgian Supreme Court in 1993 by the then government. Zell Miller, Democrat. He was elected for three six-year terms.

“It destroyed Carley’s loss of justice, who was a beloved friend and colleague of many of us,” Chief Justice Harold Melton said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Sandy, son, George H. Carley Jr., and two grandchildren.”