The suspect was charged with detaining Burleson’s PD officer

BURLESON, TX – UPDATE: A suspect accused of shooting an officer at the Burleson Police Department has been arrested.

Jerry Don Elders was arrested in Gainesville, Texas.


A Burleson police officer was shot several times during a traffic stop Wednesday morning.

Burleson Police reported that on Wednesday, April 14, around 4:15 a.m., a Burleson police officer was shot several times during a traffic stop at Block 1100 on Hillside Drive.

Several law enforcement agencies, including the American Marshals, the Texas Rangers, and the Texas Department of Public Security are looking for Jerry Don Elders.

Elderly 39-year-old man, last known vehicle of a stolen silver Toyota Tacoma, DKB6819. Older people are considered armed and dangerous.

The officer in question was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, his condition not yet known.

The officer approached the vehicle from the passenger’s side when one of the vehicle’s three passengers fired shots and hit the officer.

The suspect escaped the car from the hillside. The suspects are believed to have left the vehicle at block 700 of John Jones Drive.

The suspects then fled the John Jones scene and it is believed that one of the suspects went to a home in block 8000 of County Road 802 and abducted a resident.

Around 8:44 a woman arrived at the Joshua Police Station with gunshot wounds. He was transported to South Huguley and declared deceased.

Police say suspects in the officer’s shooting have not been apprehended and police are searching the area.

A blue warning has been issued to the elderly, he is being sought on charges of a serious assault with a police officer with a serious weapon, which is a first-degree crime and possession of controlled material, which is also a serious crime.

If you have any information about the crime or detect suspicious activity, please call 911 or 817-426-9903 or Preventive Crime (817) 469-TIPS.