The Texans forged the injury to save time

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Texans can find themselves in hot water in the league after engaging in bad sports to give themselves free time for Thanksgiving against the Lions.

There were eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, and the Texans realized they had 12 players on the field defending. Two players, AJ Moore and Charles Omenihu, started to run off the field to avoid a penalty. Then Omenihu realized that they were being left short now, just jumped to the ground and pretended to be injured. An official summoned injury time, and the Texans were able to bring the appropriate staff to the field before the next game. The Texas were not punished and did not lose the time limit.

Omenihu was obviously fake; he then laughed and showed the sideline and received no medical help.

This is a clear violation of NFL rules. In 2012, the Steelers and Emmanuel Sanders were fined for causing Sanders injuries, and in 2013, the league sent a reminder to all 32 teams reminding them that false injuries “fines, suspends or suspends coaches, players and clubs. they may result in the loss of the cover. elections. “

The NFL must eliminate the Texas and the Omeni unless the league wants to tell every team that they can cheat and get away.