The Texas lawyer, who was trapped by a cat filter during the Zoom call, informs the judge that he is not a cat | Texas

A Texas lawyer accidentally left the kitten filter during a videoconference conversation with a judge and unable to change it, eventually answering a judge’s question as to why a digital cat is addressing him, he said, “I’m alive here. I’m not a cat.

The coronavirus has caused a number of computer accidents as many workers around the world adapt to work from home in the face of a pandemic. They ranged from accidentally hilarious to the end of their careers.

But the random morphing of attorney Rod Ponton looks like a wide-eyed kitten that has reached viral immortality.

Faced with a legal dispute over the kitten’s cute but worried face, Texas Judge Roy Ferguson of the 394th Judicial District told Ponton, “I think a filter is turned on in the video settings. Worth…

The Ponton / kitten entity then interrupts Ferguson in a panic: – Do you hear me, judge?

Ferguson replies, “I hear. I think this is a filter…

“That,” replies the cat-faced Ponton. – And I don’t know how to remove it. My assistant is here, trying, but I’m ready to move on … I’m live here. I’m not a cat.

Ferguson’s dead ends: “I see this.”

Everywhere, Ferguson tried to use the example of human / cat fall as a teachable moment in the manner of good judges. HE tweeted: “If a child used their computer before joining a virtual audition, check the” Enlarge Video “option to make sure the filters are off.”

He added: “These fun moments are by-products of the commitment of the legal profession to ensure that the judiciary continues to function in these difficult times. He was treated with dignity by all concerned, and the screened lawyer showed incredible grace. Real professionalism everywhere! “